Localization Engineering

We need localization engineering and testing services to meet the specific requirements of the client. Application testing is done by our localization engineers and checks are always made to test all types of functional, graphical/visual and quality assurance to guarantee that the localization process does not disrupt the proper functionality of the software. Localization engineering is all about using certain localization applications, compilers and tools to prepare software, CBT courses, and e-learning modules for release in other markets.

Our engineers are experts in a variety of memory tools (SDL Trados, Catalyst, Idiom, and proprietary tools from Microsoft), software development, GUI engineering, help engineering, screen capturing, web engineering, and database management. Other expertise includes programming languages like C, C++, Java, HTML, XML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, and multimedia programs such as Flash and Director. In-house and off-shelf tools are employed to achieve accuracy.
Functionality Testing :
The functionality testing includes the following process:
Setting up installation on localized machines running localized operating systems and local code pages
Using extended characters or non-Latin scripts included in text input
Testing menu functionality
Submitting essential core applications to be tested
String handling, text/data, especially when interfacing with non-Unicode applications or modules
Testing default regional settings
Altering text (copying, pasting, and editing) of extended characters, special fonts, and non-Latin scripts
Accuracy of key shortcuts without repetition

Every application requires a functionality test to confirm its full functional capability and to ensure that no errors took place during localization.