Web Design and Develope

Defining the website structure and studying its requirements:
After the job is done we let the website undergo extensive navigational tests to verify its ability to navigate between the applied languages without any functional bugs or glitches giving us the most optimum performance.

Website internationalization:
Whether your files are in HTML, XML, ASP, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Dynamic Multimedia, or Streaming Media format we can enable their Unicode, separate the code, scale their design and much more, while displaying the infrastructure and contents correctly in the desired language by the assistance of our development and web authoring staff.

Content Translation:
Kenana-Tech has the ability to localize all aspects of websites including text content, buttons, graphics, Java applets, Flash animations, and both audio and video demos having the experience, technical skills, and the linguistic expertise to localize the content, whether it is text, audio, video, animation or graphics, into any of our supported languages, ensuring that all colors, logos, designs etc, are culturally appropriate for the target market.