Multi Translations

With more than 250 professionals working in more than 40 countries- in addition to several worldwide business partners- we are in a position to help companies improve their image abroad, adapting their products and communications to reflect the unique linguistic and cultural characteristics of their target market, for any part of the world. Our team is built on seasoned professional translators using the latest technology to provide you with effective communications across cultural and linguistic borders.

We translate in over 60 languages. We carefully match our translator's technical and academic credentials to the specific needs of your project.  Our translators, proofreaders and bilingual editors can provide you with professional translations that will accurately reflect the content, tone, style and format of the original. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and adapting to your project requirements.

Our Translation Process:
Once initial translation is completed, an editor is selected to review the translation and ensure its accuracy and consistency, as well as address issues such as style, tone, subjective interpretation and cultural concepts. Once editing is complete, an independent proofreader is engaged to ensure that no errors with the document itself are present prior to delivery. Proofreaders are trained professionals that analyze text for errors such as spelling, hyphenation and omissions, and compare the translated version against the original for aesthetic issues such as consistency in font type and size, page numbering, table of contents entries, index alphabetization, etc

Our Supported Languages:

  Source language Target language
Middle East languages English Arabic
  English Farsi (Persian)
  English Hebrew
  English Turkish
  English Urdu
  Arabic English
  English Dari
  English Pashto
  English Kurdish
African languages English Afrikaans
  English Amharic
  English Hausa
  English Igbo
  English Sesotho
  English Setswana
  English Somali
  English Swahili
  English Tigrinya
  English Xhosa
  English Yoruba
  English Zulu
  English kinyarwanda
  English Wolof
  English Oroma
  English Ewe
European languages English French
  English German
  English Italian
  English Czech
  English Russian
  Spanish Arabic
  French Arabic
  German Arabic
  Italian Arabic
Asian languages English Simplified Chinese
  English Traditional Chinese
  Simplified Chinese English
  Traditional Chinese English
  English Korean
  English Japanese
  English Vietnamese
  English Hindi
  English Marathi
  English Gujarati
  English Bengali